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To sleep, perchance to dream

Bob: *tired* *wanders over and drags his chair next to Auspex's so that he can sit and lean against her*

Auspex: *glances up at him, brow furrowing; pats his back a bit* You look tired...

Bob: Hmmhmm, I went to the Nexus with Hormah

Auspex: *winces a bit* Oh dear. Are you all right? The Nexus can be... overwhelming.

Bob: *blinks without moving* I'm tired. *and a little dazed. Overwhelming's the right word.*

Auspex: *more patpatting* Did you meet any other Transformers?

Bob: Yes. A femme named Blue. And a mech named Random. *winces slightly as jangled neural circuits twing*

Auspex: *offers him a hug* Well, it's good to meet others... though preferably not all at once. *she smiles ruefully* Perhaps you should rest.

Bob: *weary frown as his spark jumps with fear. Even after all this time recharge is not his friend.*

Auspex: *sighs softly* There should be a better way to make your recharge actually restful. I need to speak with Primus on this, again, I think... it's going slower than I expected.

Bob: *feels guilty*

Starscream: *wakes and wonders what's going on from where she was sleeping next to Auspex's spark*

Auspex: *tilts her head, with a little frown at his feelings* It's not your fault. You can't rush healing. It comes at its own pace, whatever any of us might wish. I only want to make sure I'm doing all I can for you.

*sends acknowledgment, sending a few images of the aftermaths of Bob's nightmares, as explanation*

Starscream: *sparks with sympathy... and static. She's still not the most comfortable spark to be around*

Bob: *quietly* I don't like making trouble for you.

Auspex: *winces at Starscream's feedback, but expresses appreciation for the thought. She shakes her head at Bob* You're no trouble. That is why I am here.

Starscream: *softly asks permission to speak with Auspex's vocalizer, her affection toward this 'little brother' smoothing out some of the static.*

Bob: *sighs and shutters his optics, not sure what to say, but feeling grateful*

Auspex: I believe Starscream wishes to say something... *she gives her a mental nod*

Bob: *lifts his head with an uncertain frown, and then starts as that shrill voice speaks softly from his guardian*

Starscream: Youngster, don't feel guilty for a few sleepless nights. That is nothing. When you have overseen the death of worlds... then you can feel guilty. *gives control back to Auspex*

Bob: 0_0

Auspex: *winces slightly, rubbing Bob's shoulder comfortingly* Spoken like a Decepticon who has seen much. You've only just begun; that is something you need not fear, if I have a say in the matter. *she smiles faintly*

Bob: *not sure what to make of the exchange, but comforted by Auspex's words and touch... and softly beeping as his systems demand recharge*

Auspex: *sighs softly* Civil war amongst our people takes its toll... there is much hardship and suffering for them, in the Multiverse, that need not have been, otherwise. Still, there is a purpose for it; but not all are called to fight.

*she frowns at his exhausted state, standing and taking his hands* You really do need to recharge.

Starscream: *projects a frown as he stands reluctantly* -Did he even recharge last night? I remember you wondering about how quiet he was... or was that the night before?- *static rises as she tries to sort through her scattered memories*

Auspex: *also gives the impression of a frown; he may be avoiding recharge, and that will only lead to exhaustion. She tugs at Bob's hands, leading him to his room* I will sit with you, and watch over you.

*she glances over at him thoughtfully* Commune may help...

Bob: *follows obediently, only pausing to stumble slightly as he hastily steps over Tessera in her mad dash off the wall and toward Auspex's foot* Hormah tried to help me do that... but she doesn't have your gift.

Auspex: *blinkblinks down at Tessera, stepping carefully* Hmm... I'm not entirely certain how it works; the technicians are the ones that understand how to create the potential for empathy, but it's not always certain. Perhaps Hormah can learn; I don't know. *she files that away for further pondering, later*

But Primus may bring you more comfort than I can.

Bob: *watches as his tiny spark sister pauses and then pounces, zipping up Auspex's leg before he can blink, then looks at Auspex and nods weary agreement to her*

Auspex: *pats his hand, moving to perch on the side of his berth, once they reach his room... after making sure she's not sitting on any chiproaches. She looks up at him, speaking softly* I'm sorry this is so difficult for you; perhaps, if I can project while you sleep, then...

Tessera: *suddenly appears on her face* *HAPPY*

Bob: *stretches out, feeling of reluctance but also of trust and hope... as well as the ever present fear* Alright.

Auspex: *blinks, startled* Tessera, I can't see, if you do that. *she chuckles a bit*

*hands Bob his carpet, pausing to curl up in a position where she can cradle his head, as she consults with Primus*

Tessera: *happyhappyhappytastetastetaste as she walks to the chiproach bed that Auspex now wears*

Bob: *takes the carpet and pulls it over himself, his optics blinking as the soft alarms grow a little more persistent. And then they stop. He's succumbed to weariness before he could even say thank you.*

Auspex: *blinks again, surprised at how quickly he shut down. Fortunately, she can begin a relay to an unconscious mind just as well as to a wakeful one. Primus, you know his need, help him quiet his mind... I don't know what sorts of things he dreams of, but he's so easily frightened, anyway...*

*and calm drifts toward Bob's mind and spark, I am here...*

Bob: *already facing the horrors of the nightmares, he startles in his sleep as the dream monsters flee and peace fills him. There's a soft sigh as fear fades and he actually relaxes, snuggling against Auspex and sinking deeper into recharge*

Primus: *These are only dreams, they cannot harm you... take comfort in my presence, in my servant's presence, in Tessera's presence... we will watch over you, there is no need to fear the shadows of memory and imagination...*

Auspex: *remains in communication with Primus, relaying his impressions, optics dim as she unseeingly smooths her fingers over her fearful charge's helm*

Starscream: .... *passes out despite having just wakened*

Bob: *listens as his aching systems get the rest that they need, the fear gradually fading till his spark sings soft contentment*

Auspex: *expresses her gratitude to her creator, for the peace that he brings to the restless, and the fearful...*
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