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Quiet family time ((written with primus_seeress mun))

Bob: *in a snuggly mood, curled up around Tessera and listening to her babble*

Tessera: *happy happy happy* Auspex! *happy happy happy happy happy* Auspex! ^_^

Auspex: *laughs softly, scritches her*

Bob: *using Auspex for a pillow as Tessera continues to chatter at them. Contented jet is contented*

Auspex: *patpats Bob's shoulder absently, peering with her usual amused puzzlement at the babbling chiproach*

Tessera: *is very very happy, her family is here!* .... Bob!

Bob: :O

Auspex: *laughs softly*

Bob: *very softly* She does say my name

Auspex: *nods appreciatively, with a fond smile* By now, I would expect so.

Bob: *pleased and surprised and just generally tickled pink*

Tessera: ^_^

Auspex: *aww. Patpats both*

Tessera: *beetles over to help Bob snuggle* *...right over Bob's face*

Bob: *surprised laughter*

Auspex: *little laugh, almost a giggle* Tessera... there is a flaw in your logic, here... *chuckles*

Tessera: *pauses* *????? feelers waving*

Auspex: Unless you don't want him to be able to see you... and I'm not sure that won't tickle.. *still smiling*

Tessera: *ponder ponder ponder* Auspex! *finishes her trip and climbs onto the femme*

Bob: *still smiling, a little more widely than usual. That really tickled his funny circuit*

Auspex: *gives Bob a little half-hug* It's good to see you laughing. *she glances over at Tessera* Perhaps your logic isn't flawed, after all. *scritches her*

Tessera: ^_^

Bob: *does his own quiet version of the expression as he settles down for an extended session of just sitting and being near two of his most precious friends.*
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