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Lean on me

Bob: *pauses to rest his cheek on Auspex's head as he passes through the sanctuary*

*and is gone before she can turn around*

Auspex: *blinks, brow furrowed. That was somewhat random... her optics flicker a bit*

Tessera: *hopped bots while they were close. Is now beetling down the side of Auspex's head*

Auspex: *tries to peer at her out of the corner of her optic, can't see that far, chuckles softly* Hello, little one.

Tessera: Auspex! *all excited about something as she reaches her friend's chest and then pauses to look at the table and wonder how to get over there*

Auspex: *isn't sure what she's thinking, but she's certainly hyped up about it. Peers at her curiously*

Tessera: *checks to see if Auspex has a hand on the table, maybe she can crossover that way....*

Auspex: *has one arm leaning on the table, still watching the chiproach with curious amusement*

Tessera: *!* *beetles across that way, pounces on the nearest data pad and wrestles the chip out of it, and then transforms and pokes herself in*

Auspex: *watches with wide optics. Wow. She's not seen her do that before. She reaches for the datapad, curious to see what information Teserra is so eager to share*

Tessera: *shows an image of Bob in the Nexus; the story he told, and the question that he asked*

Auspex: *optics dim slightly, she shakes her head. This will not do... though she's not sure she can explain. She's tried before, and he didn't seem to understand. She taps the datapad absently, sighing, before getting up and wandering toward the central mosaic, where she settles to talk to Primus about the seeker. She takes the datapad with her, as it's holding Tessera*

*moments pass, and then Bob's voice breaks the listening silence. He's on the front step, talking to someone.*

Auspex: *pauses in her plea for insight, turning toward the door with hesitant curiosity. Who is it? She gets to her feet and makes her way over*

Bob: *leaning on his broom and speaking with shy amiability to a blue and grey mech who decided to visit the sanctuary today. The other mech listens to his assurance and then pours out the rest of his story, his spark aching. Bob's forehead furrows with sympathy and he reaches to squeeze the young Autobot's shoulder. The rookie mech's face crumples, and the purple Seeker hastily sets his broom aside and gives him a hug. There's quiet weeping for a few moments, and a feeling of release of sparkbreak. Bob is silent through most of it, but then softly assures the other at just the right time that Primus knows and that he cares, and that he does too and he'll pray for him. The Autobot pushes away, nodding and wiping his optics sheepishly. He manages a grin, and then thanks Bob and turns to walk away. The purple Seeker watches him go, then turns and spots Auspex* Ahhh!

Auspex: *blinks as she sees the situation, hanging back to observe unobtrusively. She's amazed, again, at Bob's capacity for sympathy, and his understanding of Primus' ways... and she sees how it tempers his fear. She sighs softly, conflicted again...*

*And blinkblinks with wide optics as she startles Bob. She winces* Sorry... *she reaches to put a calming hand on his shoulder*

Bob: *shaking slightly as he moves closer so that she can, feeling jangled and a little embarrassed though he's not sure why* I... I didn't see you. I thought you were busy.

Auspex: *pats his back gently* I was communing, but Primus redirected my attention. Besides, you did much to encourage that mech, on your own; it helped him, and that is what matters.

Bob: *leaning against her gently in his childlike way, he turns his head to look the way the young Autobot went and his spark aches with sympathy* *softly* Something happened that's hurting him... alot. *like all his make he doesn't weep tears, but it feels as though he's taken a little of that other youngster's pain into his own spark. But then his feelings brighten a little* Primus helped him.

Auspex: *nods quietly, draping her arm about his shoulders* And you helped him to convey it in a way that the mech understood. That is a gift that not many people have.

Bob: *quizzical small smile through his residual sympathetic sadness* You showed me how.

Auspex: *really has nothing to say... her emotions conflict too much. Instead, she moves closer to rest her head on his helm. She's grateful, relieved, unsettled, approving, hesitant, not sure whether to to draw closer, or distance herself. It's all quite processor-addling*

Bob: *spark swells with affection as he hugs her back. He knows his teacher and friend is troubled again, and he talks to their creator about it as he tries to drive at least some of what's bothering her away with his embrace* You've taught me a lot. I know a lot of it comes from Primus, but you're the way I hear him. *a pause, then quietly* Thank you.

Auspex: *is quiet for a long time. She draws back enough to nod silently, somewhat emotional. A hint of smile shows itself* I... serve Primus as I can. I'm grateful that I've been of help to you.

Bob: *gives her his shy sweet smile, his optics brightening* You're the best there is at what you do. *why yes, he's been watching cartoons in the Nexus with Hormah again. But he means it.*

Auspex: *smiles a bit at the praise, though she shakes her head* There are others, and Primus attends to us equally. I am not the only empath, and not the only one given to hear Primus' voice. It is Primus that gives these gifts.

Bob: *softly but sure of himself* And you have to choose to use them. You're good at it, Auspex, and it's okay to take praise. You said so yourself.

Auspex: *nods* It is, though I can't say I take it gracefully. *she smiles a bit* But I am not the only one who does these things. And you are certainly coming into your own as a comforter. *her optics brighten slightly*

Bob: *pleased, shy, embarrassed, and humbly grateful as he tells Primus thank you. To Auspex he just gives a big but gentle hug, mindful of her plating*

Auspex: *her optics dim, taking a moment, for once, to just be, and enjoy the attention, patting his back with grateful appreciation. She may find it somewhat hard to let go, but she'll worry about that in a moment*

Bob: *holds her close, but then starts as a clatter echoes right through the building from the back garden... where Hormah has just PINpointed in with a passed out overcharged Decepticon that she attempts to revive by sticking his head in the fountain*

Auspex: *also jumps, brow furrowing with perplexity, studying the sudden source of emotion* No one hostile... it might, perhaps, be Hormah, with a rescuee.

Bob: *ruefully apologetic* I'll be hiding in my room. *slips inside and heads for it*

Tessera: *:o* Love love!

((co-written with primus_seeress))
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