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The small one

Bob: *comes out of his room the morning after Hormah dropped off a package for him. He feels a little fearful, as always, but also uncertain and protective and encouraging. One arm is curved gently around something small and silver which is clinging to his cockpit* Auspex, do you think they would mind at the main sanctuary if I brought someone with me today?

*there is a spark in that small thing he's holding. One that's uncertain and very determined. Also very hungry and starting to be a bit worried by that*

Auspex: *her optics widen. He.. what? And who is this with him?* Er... *she tries to get a better look at the small Transformer*

Bob: *notices her looking and moves his arm so that she can see the small one, who is frowning thoughtfully* Hormah brought her yesterday and asked me to take care of her.

Auspex: *is rather quiet with surprise, for a moment* But why? Who is she, what happened...? *she frowns back, with concern*

Bob: Hormah says that she needs someone to guide her and protect her while she grows. I don't know what happened. *touches the small one's head with one finger* She was newly created when Hormah brought her.

little one: ...Hungry.

Bob: *blink* Oh! I'm sorry. One moment, Auspex. *hurries to the store room*

Auspex: *blinks in utter bewilderment, but says nothing as he rushes away*

Bob: *returns and sits down at one of the tables to fill his cartoon bottle with energon, then offers the spout to the small one, who frowns at it and then lets go of him to take the bottle and feed herself. He is gently approving of this, and speaks to her with quiet encouragement before remembering his mentor and looking up at her*

*The small one is clearly visible now. Her construction is from the same sort of reality that Bob's is. But other than her distinctive facial features she shows no sign of kibble or anything by which she could be defined. She's not even wearing any paint*

Auspex: *still struggling to grasp the situation, she perches herself nearby* But... she didn't tell you anything? I... not even why she wanted to put her in your care, specifically? She tilts her head, addressing the sparklet this time* What is your name, little one?

small one: *blue optics shift up toward her, and quiet contemplation takes place before she shrugs one shoulder*

Bob: She asked me to keep her close so that she could learn to trust and believe in people, and that she had no one to go back to. But she was in a hurry, and seemed worried and upset about something. *worried himself as he remembers, but has talked to Primus about it. His boss isn't happy with this situation, but the small one is in the right place right now*

Auspex: *frowns deeply* This is not good. I... no, it shouldn't be a problem if you bring her along. But... I would like more information than I have, and it worries me. This seems dangerous....

Bob: *blinks and pangs with fear* Dangerous?

small one: *frowns and shakes now empty bottle* More?

Auspex: *belatedly realizes that she's probably needlessly worrying her charge* Well... I only wonder if there's some sort of problem in the little one's reality, and... why was she taken so quickly from it, that she hasn't even been given a name? *she absently notes the sparklet's request, getting up to head for the storeroom, herself* It sounds as though there is pain here... and it cannot be touched, if there is no information.

Bob: *intaking deeply to calm himself down, he feels a little surprised as he only now wonders about the small one's story. She looks back at him in her serious way as he looks down at her* Do you remember anything?

small one: *shrugs again* Lady that beeped, and lady that went out. You.

Bob: *knows who the beeping lady is, wonders at the other* Went out?

small one: Stopped. *looks hopefully after Auspex and then grabs a bit of loose tile from the table and eats it before Bob realizes what she's doing*

Auspex: *listens even as she's moving away, frowning at the sparklet's not-terribly-encouraging explanation. She hurries while she's out of earshot, gathering another cube or two, taking a few moments before she's returned to the main room. She hands the energon to Bob* Stopped. *she repeats the sparklet's words softly*

small one: *optics fixed on the cubes even as she finishes chewing up her scrounged treat, and as soon as Bob puts one within reach she's got her mouth to the edge of it, drinking eagerly*

Bob: :o *tips it slightly for her till she's had enough, then automatically drinks the rest as the small one looks up at Auspex*

small one: Yes. No more light. Stopped. *blink blinks and turns to cling again, feeling sleepy*

Bob: *looks at the time and makes a little 'gleep!' sound.* I'm going to be late.

Auspex: *frowns again, but keeps her concerns to herself. It sounds as though she saw a death...*

*absently checks her chronometer, wincing slightly. She nods* All right. Though your teachers may also show concern for her situation; there will probably be more questions.

Bob: *standing and heading for the door as he apologizes for not picking up after their breakfast. He pauses on the step and looks down at his charge, then back to his mentor* I'll answer them as best I can. But only Hormah knows the story. She was upset. And this one was wrapped in a small carpet and covered with some sort of strange substance.

Auspex: *waves off the apology. She nods, optics dimming in somewhat nervous discontent* They'll understand. But... well, I may be tempted to go find Hormah and ask... perhaps later. In the meantime, be safe, both of you. *she smiles wanly at Bob, and the unfamiliar little sparklet*

Bob: *returns the smile with a tiny one of his own, then transforms and waves his wing flaps before zooming off toward the main sanctuary with the small one in his cockpit*

((continued here, later that day))

((co-written with primus_seeress mun))
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