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Cookie for Auspex

Bob: *offers Auspex a 'cinnabread Seeker'*

Auspex: *peers at it with perplexed amusement* ...representational food. This is new...

Bob: *chuckles* Smell it.

Auspex: *does so. Optics flicker* It smells... very nice. *smells again* They should distill the scent. *she chuckles softly*

Bob: *grins* They're a little more real looking than the Megatron cookies. *gently pokes the gummi optic, inadvertantly releasing more of the lovely scent*

Auspex: Megatr-- I'd forgotten that. How do they come up with these things? *blinks at it, admiring the creativity*

Bob: Zoe Walker comes up with a lot of them. She grew up around humans.

Auspex: Ahh. Humans have a certain creativity with edibles... I suppose it's something my people have not had time for. *little sigh, but still appreciatively studying the bread/cookie/borrowed-human-concept-thing*

Bob: *softly* I think it would be alright to keep it. It does smell good, and it's cute.

Tessera: *one feeler waving over the opening of her bed*

Auspex: *blinks down at the waving antenna* Do you want to investigate, Tessera?

Tessera: *little chirp of a yawn and the antenna retreats*

Bob: *laughs at that gently*

Auspex: *chuckles softly* I think that is a 'no', then.

Bob: I have material to study. I'd better get to that. *gives Auspex a careful hug*

Auspex: *appreciative, amused smile* Thank you for bringing that, it's lovely. *returns hug, patting his shoulder* I think I'll be enjoying the scent for awhile. *little chuckle*'

Bob: *happy smile, and then he goes to his room to sit with his rug and read*
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